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        "Bringing Many To YAHAWAH,  

              With A Waterfall of Truth" ​    


Hello and Welcome...

Our Qahal Leader, Sananka has told us many things. One thing she said, was this, "I just want to tell people about the different things going on in the Word, just to make them think about what I said, then go study on it." There is a lot to think about when things are happening to us, around us and against us, and we don't know why (the answers are in the Bible)." She also said, "I am in no way at all, ashamed to say that I don't know everything until The Abba (Father) YAHAWAH, my Alahaianawah (Elohim/ 

Sovereign) shows it to me. But, some things He shows and tells me, is not for everyone to know, it's just for me."

There is something you all must know. The Abba YAH sees that His People's 'Spiritual Eyes' are still in a "Deep Sleep", so they cannot know the Truth. Many of them refuse to 'wake up' from their sleep, so they will not know the Truth. The Abba YAH chooses to awaken many people's eyes, those whom He Sees, who really desires know the Truth of the MOST HIGH, and those people, now, have the PURPOSE and a MISSION to get the Truth out to others. The Qahal leader's Spiritual eyes are one of many that became 'opened' to the Truth. We Believe It!

A NOTE From Me, Sananka: There are many pastors, teachers, songwriters and recording artists on the videos, who are very sincere in calling YAHAWAH, YAHAWASHI and the RAWAK by their 'Titles'. They are also sincere in calling the Massiah "Yashaiah", when that is 'Isaiah's' Hebrew name. There are also some who do know the Names. I am not speaking against them and their sincerity, but for the sake of Truth, those 'titles' are not their names. In 2000, I was told about Yah, but I thought the people were lying to me, so I was also one of them who called on, prayed to and worshiped their Titles- "God", "Lord", "Messiah", "Ahaiah Ashar Ahaiah" (which means "I Am That I Am"), "Savior", "Elohim", etc. But suddenly, I got into the study at home, and I was then Baptized by the Father, in the RAWAK (Spirit) (meaning, my mind was 'renewed' into the Truth), and in 2013 (already a Minister since my youth (age 8), and before becoming an 'Ordained' Minister in 2015), I immediately Changed the Names, once I was shown in the RAWAK (Spirit) that those names were titles from the Roman Catholics and the 'Israelis' (not us) now in Isra' el. I also knew that even though people say all roads lead to the Vatican, they don't all lead to The Kingdom of Heaven.

Click on the Two Videos below that are 'side-by-side' (and learn a little of our Ancient Hebrew language), as well as other videos that can help you get closer to The 'Most High' Yahawah, in the name of His Son, Yahawashi, by the power of the 'Spirit', Rawak.

Be Blessed and Safe, in Yahawashi's name. 

Click on the Titles below, and ENJOY!