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Pre- Marriage & Marriage Counseling

 "Using the Biblical Truth To Help Couples Make Better, Quality Decisions and Life changes, Before & After The Wedding" 

("He Who Findeth A Wife, Findeth A Good Thing...."- Proverbs 18:22)

Hello, and welcome to 'PRE'- MARITAL & MARRIAGE COUNSELING.

This FREE Service is brought to you, by the B.M.T.Y. QAHAL.

Getting married is a sacred, bonding event that the Father Yahawah placed in our lives, in order to be fruitful and produce children, and that is pleasing to Him. He said that " should not be alone...", this is why He formed woman for the man. The 'vows' you make to each other, is also sacred and must be followed, which will also please The Father Most High. This is where the Counselling comes in. You have to know the Truth about your current 'marital status' and what the Most High says about Marriage, Divorce and wanting to Remarry. After knowing and understanding the Truth, what decision you make from that point, on, will be up to you. This is why we at B.M.T.Y. Qahal do our best to help you make a quality decision 'before' making that very important step to commit to one another in 'Set-Apart' Matrimony.

Women, we hope the words to this song helps you to see just how the man is to start the relationship with a woman (if you both have never been married). Getting to know the woman, in the way that pleases The Most High Yahawah, "A man who findeth a wife, findeth a good thing." This is a Spiritual saying, not just a physical one (Know the woman Spiritually and Intellectually & marry her, BEFORE 'Knowing' her sexually).

Please call the QAHAL at 1 (205) 582 - 8258 to schedule an appointment. This service is available (by appointment ONLY-Sunday-Thursday: 10am-6p). If you call and are not able to get through to make an appointment, please leave a voicemail or use the FORM below to leave a message. The Appointment Center will contact you to discuss and confirm or cancel your appointment.

Thank you for visiting and/ or contacting us in your need for Counselling from the Word.

Be blessed and safe,

B.M.T.Y. Counsel Team

PLEASE NOTE: B.M.T.Y. Qahal does not, can not and will not, conduct Counsel between two individuals of the 'same-sex'. It is UNBIBLICAL and will not be condoned nor tolerated.

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