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Shalawam My Female Family of Yashara' alah (Jacob a.k.a. Isra' el)!

This is your Assembly Leader, Sananka AsharaYah Yashara' alah.

NOTE: I love you enough to tell you the TRUTH, according to the Bible. This is for us women, but I know some men will see this site, as well. I may not know it all, but, what I learn, I teach. I still have to Study to show myself Approved by Father YAHAWAH, Whose RAWAK (Spirit) opened my 'eyes' to see in the Spirit what He wanted me to see, in order for me to tell my People, YAH's Chosen Children and descendants  of Abraham, Issac and Jacob (known as Yashara' alah (Isra' el))....

When you read the BOOK of DEUTERONOMY, the 28th Chapter and part of Chapter 29, you will read the CURSES that happened to the Children of Isra' el when they 'CHOSE' to NOT DO the Will of the Father, YAH, Alahaianawah (Elohim/ Sovereign) of the Highest Heaven. This is why the VATICAN has OUR HEBREW BIBLE, RIGHT NOW, in the MUSEUM, but not before the POPE had SCRIBES to re-write the Books, take Books OUT, put the Roman and Catholic words IN, and scattered it among the NATIONS, along with Us. Now, every nation has OUR Books in their own Languages, including ENGLISH, and this is why WE don't know Hebrew, OUR OWN LANGUAGE. HOSEA 4:6 "My People are DESTROYED for LACK of KNOWLEDGE..." (KJV). Instead of us not 'f.e.a.r.- ing' (false evidence, appearing real) being scared of what these preachers are saying and doing to our minds, telling us we have to 'pay' tithes and 'give' offerings, OR ELSE, we need to know the Truth about them and where they are taking us. We NEED to F.E.A.R. (First Exalt And Reverence) Father YAH and know that only HE can cause the WHOLE BEING to go to Eternal Outer Darkness (The Lake of Fire) for our continued disobedience and rebellion. All Ministers, Preachers, Teachers, etc. will have and suffer the greatest punishment for leading YAH's chosen children astray, and not telling people the TRUTH.

My Quote: "Before We can tell others who we are, we have to, First, Know who we are, Who Our Real Father is, and What His, His Son's, and His Spirit's real Names are- Not Titles. We just cannot keep praying to, fighting for, and dying for, TITLES, and think they work- they don't. Satan is fooling us. But we know his name very well, as well as his titles, don't we? We're believing everything the 'preachers' are saying. If we really knew the TRUTH, we wouldn't be there continuously listening to those 'half-truths', (but mostly LIES). We are the Church, so why do we go to theirs?"

We have gotten too comfortable with serving our ENEMIES in these 'Strange Lands' we are living in. Some of our People, the Hebrews, who are in GREECE, for instance, are now calling themselves GREEKS, and as with all of the kinspeople of Matah Yahawadah (Tribe of Judah) in every Nation and Country, when we were scattered, we were 'forced' to 'adapt' to that lifestyle which surrounded us, in the LAND in which we dwelled, and therefore, became like those to whom we adapted - the 'Heathen'. We are living this exact way right now, in this Day and Time. Now, no one wants to know the TRUTH about where they Originally Came From, their Nationality, their Heritage, their Ancestors, nor their Lifestyle or even the clothing and Culture. This is why we are called "THE LOST MATAH YASHAR'ALAH (TRIBES of ISRA'EL)". The Bible says for us to "...learn not the ways of the Heathen..." (Jeremiah 10:2/ Amos 5- read all). We must realize that the Bible is still on the move on the Earth, and will NOT change, but will carry out its Mission til the last Page is fulfilled. Whether or not we know it, the TRUTH is, WE ARE STILL LIVING IN THE BIBLE DAYS, people. The BOOK is NOT FINISHED YET.

I encourage you and urge you to please read DEUTERONOMY Chapter 28/ PROVERBS 30:4/ PSALMS 68:4/ 2 CHRONICLES 7:14 /MATTHEW 7:21/ and JOHN 5:43, and know the Truth. This is just for starters. Be made FREE from the Lies and the Curses of the LAND we live in! Again I say, HOSEA 4:6 "My People are DESTROYED for LACK of KNOWLEDGE. Because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to Me. Seeing thou hast forgotten the Law of thy God, I also forget thy CHILDREN." (KJV). Ask the Father to Open Your Spiritual 'Eyes', give you Wisdom and Understanding, and help you to know Him by His Real Name in the Bible, Y-A-H (even though the Scribes put it in the King James Version as J-A-H). How can one possibly be praying to someone who is your Heavenly Father, yet calling Him by a Title, and not His Name? His name is YAHAWAH, His Son's name is YAHAWASHI, and the Spirit's name is RAWAK. Now that you know them, begin to use them. All other names they are "called" in the Bible, ARE TITLES! Then, start reading The Teachings of The Massiah, Yahawashi (Matthew Chapters 5, 6 & 7. These are Scriptures that are not being taught correctly, in our local churches (the pastors are twisting these scriptures to fit their lifestyles, if they teach them at all, and are taking YOU to Sheol (Hell) with them- the blind leading the blind).

NOTE: This is Not Racism, This is TRUTH for our People to know and recognize. 

Listen , the Father knows that the Offspring of ESAU/EDOM, ISHMAEL (the ARABS), the FALLEN ANGELS and their OFFSPRING, are the ones reeking havoc on the earth. He also knows that the Bible we have been given by the Pope and his 'scribes', have been re-written, tampered with and scattered all over, just as we have been. We are being Destroyed, because when people are telling us who we Really Are now, we won't go and study on it, to find out what and where Our Roots are. We Have A Home, Yashra'alah, we just can't go back to it, yet. The Only time we will be going to Isra'el (Yashar'ahla) and Jerusalam (Yarashalaym), is when the Messiah said He will come for us, And Not A Second Before. Please, don't cause the Father YAHAWAH to give you a "Reprobate Mind", in which you will be "bound" by Father YAH, to continue to believe all the Lies you know now, and all the Lies that Satan will tell you when he comes, like the Hologram of the fake Jesus and other False Deities coming in the sky near you . Your mindset will then be of Satan and Not of the Father YAH. That, People, is known as the MARK OF THE BEAST- it is WHO (Satan or YAH) you have your minds set on, when the Messiah comes for us. Tell the TRUTH, SHAME the Devil !!


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