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Hello and Welcome...

There is something you all must know. The Ahba YAH sees that His People's 'Spiritual Eyes' are still in a "Deep Sleep", so they cannot know the Truth. Many of them refuse to 'wake up' from their sleep, so they will not know the Truth. The Abba YAH chooses to awaken many people's eyes, those whom He Sees, who really desires know the Truth of the MOST HIGH, and those people, now, have the PURPOSE and a MISSION to get the Truth out to others. The Qahal leader's Spiritual eyes are one of many that became 'opened' to the Truth. We Believe It!

In 2009, I got into studying at home, and I was then Baptized by the Father, in the RAWAK (Spirit) (meaning, my mind was 'renewed' into the Truth that the Father, the Son and the RAWAK (The Holy Spirit), were BLACK),  I left the church and got 'real' in the Truth, once I was shown in the RAWAK (Spirit), I was also shown, that even though people say all roads lead to the Vatican, they don't all lead to The Kingdom of Heaven. These videos are just how 'REAL' I am  with the Father, and His Word and 'Rehearsing' (practicing by DOING) His Commandments (Judges 5:11)... I now study with IUIC (Israel United In Christ)

Be Blessed and Safe, in Yahawashi's name. 

Click on the Titles below, and ENJOY!

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