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Ladies, are you enjoying our new B.M.T.Y. Qahal website? If so, or if not, we want to hear from you. Please use the Form below to send your Questions and/or Comments.

Thank you so much. 

Ahba Yahawah, Bahasham Yahawashi, Barak Ahtha

(Father Yahawah, in the Name of His Son, Yahawashi, blesses you). 

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NOTE on Supporting BMTY: 

When you support B.M.T.Y., your donations will furnish The APOCRAPHA to those who have regular KJV Bibles. The regular KJV Bibles do not have the 'missing books of the Bible' in them. Some teachers of the Word, will refer to this little 'red' book to quote additional passages of Scripture when reading and studying the Bible.

Support whatever, whenever you wish, if and when you are led to do so, Only if this website has changed you and has opened your eyes to the Truth....

BMTY Qahal, this humble, Spirit-led, personal website, is continuously passing this TRUTH along to you, my 'Real', Hebrew Isra' Elites, because of your support . BMTY is NOT a 'Religious, 501c3, 4.... Organization, so there is No Tax -Deduction.  No  church or ministry (on-line or brick-and-mortar) is supposed to ask, or 'force' you,  to "pay them tithes and give them offerings"- you have the option, and the right, to  give if , when and how You Choose to do so, so we don't beg,  pressure or plead,  quote Scriptures against you (like Malachi), "pass-the-plates" around, nor have you "throw money on the pulpit". The Father doesn't need your money,  "Prosperity Preaching" preachers do, and they are 'conning' you every week with that foolishness (it's all about self).. Please use your tithes and offerings to help someone you know, who really needs it. The Father will see your 'secret' act of kindness (ALMS-Giving), and bless you for it (Proverbs 19:17/ Deuteronomy 14:28/ Matthew 6:1-4/ Matthew 15:14/ Hosea 4:6/ Luke 21: 1-4)- Christian Churches don't teach you this). 

Much Love and Shalawam,  my Hebrew sisters (and brothers who may also be watching) !      >>>>>>>    >>>>>    

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Please Write To:

Sananka AY. Yashara' ahla


201 Graymont Avenue West

Unit 209

Birmingham, AL 35204-4004


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Toll-Free Phone: 1 (866) 305 - 5252

Local Phone:  1 (205) 649 - 2801 / 1 (205) 259 - 6799

Toll- Free Fax: 1 (800) 251 - 7719


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Please use the form on the left to email comments and /or questions.


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