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Thanks For Visiting B.M.T.Y. Qahal!

A Note From your Qahal Leader, Sananka, and the B.M.T.Y. Qahal Team:

Shalawam My Real, Hebrew Isra'elite Jew Sisters!

This website is for Us, the 'female' Children of The Most High, Yahawah! 

Just by coming here, we know that you are seeking the TRUTH of YAHAWAH's Set-Apart Word. We know you have questions, so we are here to do our best to help you find them (2 Chronicles 7:14/ Matthew 6:38/ Matthew 7:7). You will learn a lot on this site.

We at B.M.T.Y. Qahal are very happy that you are viewing our website. This is a website is for all ladies who are 'Lost' and looking for the Truth. He is sending (US)- the "Laborers", out to gather in (YOU, His 'strayed-away' Israelites)- the "Harvest" in such a TIME as this. It's time for you to know who you are, as The Father's True, Chosen People. 

Take a walk through the entire site. It has been re-created beautifully. New scenery. New name. New Meaning. However, this website is always in the process of developing, and changes are always being made, so always be watching, as we continue to BRING MANY TO YAHAWAH, WITH A WATERFALL OF TRUTH. We hope you come again soon!

Much Love. Be Blessed. Be Safe.

B.M.T.Y. Qahal, All Page Titles and Website are © Copyright 2011-2022. All Rights Reserved.

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