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Hear the Original Songstress (photo below), Nina Simone's song "Strange Fruit". Then, click the second photo audio to hear the (Billie Holiday) version of "Strange Fruit", remixed by Bryan Isra'el, PeeZee and other Hebrew Rap artists, who have come into the  Truth, and know who they are in YAH.

1st Song- This is for all of our Hebrews who have been 'lynched' in all kinds of ways. Rest in Peace my Brothers & Sisters! We are the Strange Fruit. Click on the white audio strip below to listen.

2nd Song- This is also for those who still haven't awakened yet, to the truth that, even though the tools to kill us were given to us, we are still using those same 'tools', "killing each other off" with them, while they watch and laugh at us...



Ever since before the Massiah, the Hebrew Isra'elite Jews (we Black Peoples of the Black, Brown and Black/Brick-red (Native Indian) races, have been getting Lynched. The Whites didn't care about the men, the women, or even the children. They didn't even care if the women were pregnant with child, they were lynched as well.

But even though this is a reality, the next reality is, that now that the White man came and gave us guns, ammunition, drugs (of all types- weeds, crack cocaine, heroine alcohol, and even certain foods), and 'forced' us to get and use and eat, we are killing ourselves with them....and the Whites then started doing all these things to themselves, when none of these thing were meant for them to do- it 'backfired'. This is the 'hard truth' and we have to stop it all. These things were meant to have us, the Chosen Children, Hebrew Isra'elite Jews of the Tribe of JUDAH, to kill ourselves off so they won't have to.

We know that there are some Whites who really don't know what their ancestors did to us back in the Bible days, nor do they know what their people before them did to us since we have been scattered over all the Earth. Now, they brought our People here and made 'slaves' of them, but now, as Donald Trump said for us to do, ".....go back to Africa where they came from.", but WE, my People, are Not Africans, we came from another Land, and ended up in the Land of Africa on the Mountain called 'Ararat' on the ARK through Sham ('Shem', Noah's son). We basically made America from Colonies, and now they are trying to wipe us out as a 'so-called' Black race. Actually, they know who we are, Whose we are, and what will happen to them in the end (their kids don't know though). In most of the White person's minds, is the thought to start back lynching us. So far they are doing this in our faces (they are using guns and brute, physical force now, since they're not using a rope).

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