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Fallen Angel, ANAINA, Speaks Out

Posted on July 31, 2021 at 3:00 PM


Those of you who don't think that Angels are real and have fallen from Heaven, unto the Earth to get into people and cause them to go to hell, THINK AGAIN. John 10:10 says the Satan is out to steal, kill and destroy, and since he has his angels to do his bidding, like Father Yahawah has His to do His bidding for Him, Satan sends his angels to do the stealing, killing and destroying on his behalf. Many people don't believe in angels, but they are those "Extra-Terrestrial Beings" that are constantly being spoken of by the Military, The Pentagon, and others. The angels from both Heaven and Hell are among us, takes on many shapes and forms, and they operate through people, and when people be acting all strange, in a bad way, or doing and speaking things from their lips that are very strange or different, then one of Satan's angel is trying to make that person do something, or is setting them up to die and go to Hell. Both Satan and Father Yahawah are looking to increase their 'family', the thing is, at this very second, knowing how you really are inside (be honest with yourself),Who's Your Daddy?

The angel ANAINA,who fell to the Earth with Satan (called Lucifer) and the other angels, whom now are demons, speaks out about all the torment happening with Satan, hell, and pleas to go back to Heaven, just before being cast out of a young girl. Please watch, then Be Delivered and Saved from your sins, and CHANGE.

Much Love. Be Blessed and Safe. PEACE!

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