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The Hebrew, Black History: Bible Q & A

Posted on April 25, 2020 at 3:00 PM

Bible Q  & A

We are still in the Old Testament. The Book of Genesis is a very interesting book, well, they all are, one Book more interesting than the other, but now, let's study a little further......

So, we know that in the 1st Chapter of Genesis, The Father Yahawah made brought the Earth back out of the water, made the Fish, the Fowl, the Birds, the Sea Creatures, The Moon, Stars and Sun, and all of the Cattle and all Creatures walking, creeping and crawling, and He made Mankind (the ONLY Creatures made like Them). Let's see what happened in the 2nd Chapter of Genesis....

Question 1~ Ok, when The Father Yahawah saw that everything was "Very Good", what did He get a chance to do on                           the 7th Day?

A. He had a drink

B. He made love

C. He rested

D. He spoke to the 6th-day people

Question 2~ What did The Father Yahawah "form" from the dust of the ground and it became a Living Soul, and He                             named it "ADAM"?

A. He formed A Chicken

B. He formed Man

C. He formed Monuments

D. He formed Ice

Question 3~ When The Father Yahawah placed the "Garden of Eden" on the Earth, one River ran through it and became                       4 Heads. What were their names (in the correct order)? 

A. The Pison, The Gihon, The Hiddekel, and the Euphrates

B. The Gihon, The Euphrates, The Pison, and The Hiddekel

C. The Hiddekel, The Pison, The Euphrates, and The Gihon

D. The Euphrates, The Hiddekel, The Gihon, and the Pison

Question 4~ In the "Garden of Eden", as The Father Yahawah placed the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil", He                       also said, "It is not good for Man to be alone", so what did the Father also "form" from the dust of the                               ground, and bring to Adam to name, in order to find him a 'help meet'?

A. Fish of the sea and Snakes

B. Bats and Spiders

C. Beasts of the field and Fowl of the air

D. Lions, Tigers and Bears

Question 5~ The Father Yahawah had to place Adam in a deep sleep to "form" the woman "EVE", his wife. What did                           Father take out of Adam's Flesh to form Eve?

A.One of his Livers

B. One of his Lungs

C. One of his Kidneys

D. One of his Ribs

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