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ABOUT B.M.T.Y. ...

B.M.T.Y. Qahal ( is an internet-based, non-traditional, hard-pill-to-swallow, no 'sugar-coated', 'Personal' website for Women, teaching the Biblical, Black History of Father Yahawah, the True, Black, Hebrew Massiah Yahawashi, and Spirit-Rawak. B.M.T.Y. Qahal is an ASSEMBLY of people who teach others the TRUE Doctrine (Laws, Statutes and Commands) of the Most High Yahawah.

We go about the Father's business of "Bringing Many To Yahawah". B.M.T.Y.

Qahal gives Messages (for FREE), on our Biblical, Black History, learning who WE are, as Yahawah's 'Chosen People', because we don't know who we are (Deuteromy 6:4/ Romans 12:6-8/ 1 Corinthians 14:1-33/ 1 John 4:1/ 1 Timothy 4:1-2/ Deuteronomy 18:10-12).

This Qahal is not a '501c....' Church, although the Minister, Yolanda Brown- McHoward, was Ordained by, and is associated through, Open Ministry Church, which has 501c3 Status. "We are the 'CHURCH', as in "a 'Body or 'Assembly' of People", On-line, not as a 'Building', so we 'People', are already 'exempt'." It (The I.R.S.) states, "Under the Internal Revenue Code, certain categories of non-profit organizations – including “churches” – are exempt from the requirement to file an application with the IRS to be recognized as tax-exempt public charities under 501c3." Also, this is NOT a 'Non-Denominational' Church, neither is this a 'Ministry', or a 'Company'. This is an Assembly of the Body of Yahawashi, learning through this website, about the WORD of Yahawah, Father and Creator of us all.

Here is a Quote From Dr. Thomas. He said it best when it concerned a 'church' Qahal (Assembly) of any kind, having the Government's Status (501c3,4,5..., Incorporated, LLC, International, etc.)...

QUOTE: "If the church is incorporated, it is a creature of the state. An 'Ekklesia' is simply a gathering of the people, no need for state permission, recognition or rules".

- by: Dr. Thomas


At BMTY, we believe in the continuous learning and studying of the Word of Truth, in the gaining of Wisdom, knowledge and understanding from The Most High Yahawah, in the Sovereignty of the Heavenly Father Yahawah, in the Salvation through His Son, The Massiah, Yahawashi, in the Power of the Set-Apart (Holy) Rawak (Spirit), in the Baptism of the Rawak, in the speaking of "Tongues" (only when there is an interpreter around to edify the 'Body'), in Anointing With Oil, in the Rawak of Conviction, and We believe in ONE FATHER, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM.




We counsel all couples before the wedding, during the marriage and after a divorce, with guidance from the Word of Yahawah, in the teaching of Yahawashi, concerning Marriage, Divorce & Re-Marriage.


Go to the "drop-down arrow" on this tab, and click on one of the "SPECIAL SERVICES" tabs for more information.

About Your Qahal Leader..

"Born- Again":  Now With A New Name

Sananka AsharaYah Yashara' ahla, is the Humble servant, leader, and worker of B.M.T.Y. Qahal

(formally other 'created' domain names listed below, under her 'slave-given' family name

Yolanda Brown- McHoward (Tucker)).

She is the 'inspired' founder and creator of the Website, and of the Qahal Bible Study-On-Blog,

"IT's TIME FOR A CHANGE!" (Since 2011). 

She is the Community

Founding Member and Lead of the 'Elyton In Graymont Neighborhood' on the website Click to join...

* This Online Ministry was first created on January 22, 2011 as

BMTJ-The Prayer

* On March 15, 2014, it was changed to BMTJ Online

* On August 8, 2016, it became BMTY Online

* As of April 1st, 2018, it is currently named

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